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It only takes a little observation in order to realize that our society is in need of some serious improvements.  Modernity has affected the ways in which we live our lives, tend to our health, develop beliefs regarding nutrition, maintain or dissolve our relationships, and rear our children, in addition to the ways in which we present ourselves and interact with others.  On a dusty shelf somewhere, along with other rarely-seen vintage items, one may find proper etiquette, respect, dignity, courtesy, pride in oneself and in his or her appearance, responsibilities, admiration, and other traditional values that have been lost to time and technology.  The pendulum has swung too far in the wrong direction and we desperately need to go back.

Throughout this blog, I plan to cover a range of topics including relationships, plant-based diets, and many topics that fall under proper etiquette, which will include writing, speaking, dressing, and behaving properly.  I also plan to cover some topics of feminism, as I personally believe that this is one of the most destructive elements the world has experienced.  I will be writing about these topics because they all tie in together.  Most people would like to be happy and have lasting relationships, most people would like to look and feel their best while lowering their risk of developing terrible diseases, and most people would like the chance to refine themselves if only they knew where to look for guidance.  Additionally, it is evident that our attitudes and outlooks need revision in order to put us on the course toward improvement.  This is a special collection of ideas because most men and women should be able to relate to some of the topics.  We will be taking parts from both ends of the spectrum and mixing them together.  Although one may find countless writings on all of these subjects, most people are still in the dark about what constitutes good relationships, a good diet, good health, and good manners.  Let’s tie them together and turn on some lights.

This is not a politically correct blog and going against the popular ideas of modernity means that I likely will offend some of my readers.  Please try not to take it personally.  This is a collection of entries that was written for the purpose of sharing beliefs, improving the world, and enriching the lives of those who find themselves unhappy at one end of the spectrum and desire a positive change.  Although this blog may be useful, it is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or cure any specific type of psychological, emotional, or physical problem.  Nevertheless, it is my hope that I may enlighten and influence ladies and gentlemen everywhere.

You are not broken and your life is not broken; you have been conditioned by a society that absolutely is broken. Let us stand together and make positive changes!  The future is bright and we live in beautiful world that is filled with endless opportunities.

I am looking forward to this experience and I hope that it will prove greatly beneficial for my readers.

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Danica De La Mora


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