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Indian Recipes

Photo credit: | Chana Masala by Anita Alumshaw

Packed with countless spices, Indian dishes provide delightful flavors and excellent nutrition. Turmeric, a staple of the Indian culture, has been hailed for millennia for its incredible health benefits.  Traditionally, India is mostly vegetarian.  These fully plant-based and low-oil Indian recipes make Indian food even healthier!

Featured recipe: Chana Masala

Dal Soup
Yellow Lentil Dal Soup with Carrots
Dum Aloo (Spicy Potato Curry)
Tofu Paneer
Kala Chana Masala
Tofu Matar Masala (Tofu Peas in Masala Sauce)
Spiced Cauliflower & Tofu in Green Masala Sauce
Broccoli Stir-Fry with Indian Spices
Whole Wheat Naan
Methi Malai Paneer
Bhindi Masala
Keema Masala
Veggie Lentil Dhansak
Samosa Pinwheels
Buttered “Chicken”
Quick & Easy Plant-Based Curry
Chana Saag – Chickpea Spinach Curry
Kerala Style Tempeh Chili Roast
Mango Curry Chickpeas
Baked Vegetable Pakoras

Instant Pot Gajar Halwa Carrot Halwa (Carrot Pudding)


How to cook without oil:
Indian food without oil

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