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Gentleman Tip #1: Always Rise In the Presence of a Lady

Being a gentleman is more important now than ever before.  Refinement is becoming the very best that you can be, which will positively affect every part of your life.  It starts from within.

Tip #1: A Gentleman Always Rises Upon The Arrival & Departure Of A Lady

Always rise when she enters or exists the room. This may be hard to remember but the more you practice, the easier it will be, and you will always impress her.  She will adore you for it.

When at a restaurant, and she leaves and returns from the ladies’ room or from the buffet, stand until she sits.  Place your napkin on your chair for your return.  Take her chair and hand her napkin to her, then wait for her to sit and push her chair inward toward the table as she lowers herself.

In a group setting, the same rules apply, except that you usually are not the one holding another woman’s chair. Stand when any lady in the group leaves from or returns to the table.  However, if the significant other of the woman leaving or arriving does not stand with you the first time, you may remain seated the next time she departs and arrives if you choose to do so.  If any men stand upon her arrival and she asks the men in the group not to stand, then it is polite to follow her wishes.

Ladies, always remember to thank gentlemen for their efforts.  Chivalry is a fabulous thing!

Danica De La Mora

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