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It is a pleasure to be back after such a long time away. It is my hope that I now will have some time to write more frequently, though the immediate future still is uncertain at present. I am holding tight to the belief that I am emerging on the other side of this disaster, but time will tell. We must do the best we can!

These past couple of months have been some of the most challenging times I have experienced. Ever.
It has been an absolutely wretched year–utter hell–filled with nonstop challenges and debilitating circumstances happening in stages, with each hardship overlapping the tail end of the former. I never have seen anything like it. We are social creatures and it is very natural to have the desire to express what we feel. In maintaining proper etiquette, however, it is wise to keep a tangible journal wherein we can express ourselves and also open up to the few close friends that we have. Venting online to anyone and everyone about our personal problems can be rather distasteful, but avoiding it also tends to require a good bit of self-control!

At any rate, while I will attempt to spare you the details, it has been a year. There have been a lot of eye-opening experiences recently. One of the most interesting experiences as of late has been the people who have reached out in these disastrous couple of months. For the most part, they have not been the people who I have expected to reach out and be there for us. It prompted me to give some thought to the elements of a good friendship as well as the strengthening of one’s faith.

I would like to point out that, in the hours and days following a catastrophe, a person is likely to experience shock. It is in these times when most people reach out, feeling that they will have fulfilled their friendly duty by touching base and then can go on with their daily lives. Truly, it is the weeks, months, and years that require the continual support of friendship. During this time, surprisingly, very few friends actually have provided the support we naturally have needed. It has been mind-blowing for my family and me to undergo the gargantuan mental, emotional, and physical challenges alone with almost no help or support at all. It has been said that catastrophes show the true colors of a person, and therefore it has shown us the ones who are true friends and the ones who are decorative elements with no substance. It has been disappointing but also very enlightening.

Nevertheless, it also has underlined the fact that we never are truly alone or without help if we need it. During this time, it has not been our current friends who have helped us at all but new friends who were complete strangers. We have sold some items online and made new friends, and some even invited us to join their family for a holiday gathering the following day. People have walked by and extended help. People have fallen into our laps – people with the very expertise we needed to get various things accomplished when we could not depend on those we believed. Whatever we have needed, God has provided, showing us that we can count on our faith when we have been able to count on so few others. It has been a time of new horizons, new beginnings, and quite probably a sign that it may be time to end stuffy acquaintanceships that we believed were friendships and start anew.

Wise Edgar Cayce claimed that no one has such an abundance of friends that he can afford to lose just one. However, the quality of friendship must undergo routine quality control. It all starts with ourselves. To have a good friend, we must first be a good friend, which means that we must always be attentive and we must ensure that our actions always back our words. We must provide the support we know we will need when hardships find their way to us.

Do some research on what it takes to be a wonderful friend. It desperately is needed in the world today.

Wishing you a warmer future,

Danica De La Mora

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