Falling Into Place, Not Falling Apart

I keep telling myself that things are falling into place, not falling apart, but at times I have to wonder.  It is important to keep an optimistic outlook when things appear to be at their absolute worst, lest we draw in more negative energy.  This is a time when I am standing in the pouring rain, getting drenched and cowering at the ground-shaking sounds of thunder and the terrifying snaps of lightening, looking faithfully for any sign of a blue sky, knowing that storms always pass.

This entire year has been a heck of a year. I started this blog when I was recuperating from a medical issue and had some downtime; since then, life has constantly bombarded me with one problem after another.  I am not one to keep a public diary or to air dirty laundry, but I would like to inform my readers so that it does not appear that I have lost interest in writing. I am still here, I just have to tend to other obligations first and will write as opportunities present themselves.

I thank you for your interest, support, and understanding.


Danica De La Mora


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