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The Art of Being A Lady

A lady is an extremely special creature in this world and much can be said for the way that she arrives, looks, moves, sits, speaks, interacts, and leaves.  Her essence is intoxicating and her presence may be felt long after she has left the premises.  Men will move entire mountains just to spend a few moments in her company.  Men who ordinarily pay no attention to detail will notice everything about this female.  Men will find themselves distracted at work, wondering how to win the adoration of something so precious and so unique, and spend the rest of the time wondering how the heck it happened.  “Where did she come from,” they ask. She originated in an environment with strong roots and excellent rearing!  All she must do is smile warmly, and suitors line up at the door.  She is warm and she is confident but she is never arrogant. Even envious women must admit that they like her.  She is a gem, she is eternal, and everyone pauses when she appears.

How often are you alerted to the presence of such a woman?  Possibly not very often.  I know several women who are close to 90 and still stop traffic.  The essence of a lady truly is timeless.  Young women are given this often temporary gift because youthful beauty is very generous and very forgiving.  Beauty isn’t the main ingredient, however; many elements are involved in the art of creating a lady and these elements are learned, not intrinsic.  If these do not accompany beauty, then as beauty fades, so too its fascination.

Men everywhere are desperate for this kind of woman.  She often resides in the dreams of every man.  Men are tired of fun-but-unfulfilling interactions, not being needed or appreciated, and not being able to lead.  A lady compliments their natures and reminds them of their masculinities.  A lady is the reason they seek high-paying jobs, save money for sports cars, and go off to fight wars.  A lady can make a man buckle at the knees yet render him completely unbreakable.  A lady is the vessel through which all of life is ushered and she remains the ultimate reward for a gentleman’s hard work and refinement.  He instinctively is aware of this, which is why he plans his life the way he does.

With a worldwide shortage of the type of lady I am describing, there has never been a better time to learn.

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Looking forward to it!

Danica De La Mora

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  1. Jason Dibble says:

    Well said and I look forward to more good reads from you. Congrats my lady ! You obviously have what it takes !

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