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The Art of Being a Gentleman

There is nothing more intoxicating to a lady than a real gentleman.  Although more of a rarity now, they can be spotted a mile away. Today, in a world of predominantly careless and oblivious men, real gentlemen stand out like intensely bright and shiny jewels.

Never before has there been such a need for ladies and gentlemen, as both are now endangered species.  Political correctness has taken the beauty of complimentary opposites and modified both to the point where they are nearly indistinguishable.  Movements to destroy manhood by deeming it “toxic masculinity,” while attempting to confuse identity, blur gender lines, destroy roles, and foment women as the new super gender, have contributed to the ultimate failure for most men and women to bond permanently.

What defines a gentleman?  A gentleman is a man who has a strong alpha character for the world at large but keeps it tamed in the presence of a lady.  He may be competitive with other men and with sports.  He carries himself well.  He is confident with humility.  He is never arrogant.  He is well-educated and knows the value of speaking and writing properly.  He has an appreciation for culture and art.  He has finely tuned skills.  He is chivalrous and always takes care of women nearby, whether to help them across the street, open doors, take their coats, hold their chairs, carry any items, or anything else.  When he loses his temper with a woman, he chooses to walk away instead of staying and making a scene or further upsetting her.  He is extremely courageous, however; if a lady encounters a problem, he steps ahead to fight her battle.  He is a man of honor and his dignity is everything to him.  He always pays without exception and would not dream of reimbursement from a lady.  He is happy to pay, not because she cannot, but because he is a gentleman and it makes him feel great to take care of a woman, whether she is his love, his mother, his sister, or a friend.  Gallantry makes a gentleman feel good about himself and it sets him apart from all other men.  If a lady visits him, he reserves a room for her at a nice hotel and does not travel beyond the lobby.  He only inquires about the quality of the room but does not inspect it for himself.  A gentleman respects and honors boundaries and would never pressure a lady to do something about which she felt uncomfortable.  He never allows his physical desires to control him, for he knows that this is a weakness.  He controls his alcohol and is never drunk in public.  He is mindful of his conversations and avoids controversial topics in mixed company.  He watches his words and does not say unkind things to women, even if he is met with harsh words.  He does not suffer feminists or overly strong women; he pays them no mind and takes his presence elsewhere.  He is a champion of self-control and, although he looks for the positive in all women, ultimately he chooses to pair with a special woman of similar caliber, whose opposites compliment his wonderful nature.  The irony is that the presence of this type of man makes nearly every woman desire to be her best.  I contend that when a woman is a lady in appearance and in manner, bystanders discover that nearly all men become gentlemen.  Nevertheless, the aforementioned is only a small list of the incredible traits possessed by a high quality man.

If this is not you or anyone you know, do not feel discouraged.  A gentleman is not born, but taught.  He may go through years of refinement to become his best, which is why it is such a bonus to reach men when they are young boys.  There are so many wonderful men out there, but many do need guidance.  Most men in this country followed the above example not because the world was different, but because they had role models and mothers who put their families first instead of their own desire for careers.

Being a lady is equally important, as ladies and gentlemen long for each other.  Stick with me and I will show you the way!

Be sure to stay tuned for my upcoming book.

Refine the world, one person at a time!

Danica De La Mora


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